Quartz worksurfaces are durable, highly resistant to blemishes and impact, and are aesthetically pleasing.  There are a large array of different colours, textures and finishes to help you create the look you desire for your interior.

The possibilities are endless.

We are very proud to have close working connection with Cosentino wo are the leading brand in solid surfaces.  To find out more about Silestone by Cosentino, please visit their website or click here.





Sintered Stone

Dekton is known as an "ultra-compact surface".  It is made using the same raw materials as quartz but is subject to a unique fabriction process using extreme pressure and heat called Sinterized Particle Technology.  The resulting material is scorch-proof, stain-proof and scratch-proof.  Further information can be obtained by clicking here.






Granite is undoubtedly one of the toughest materials on the planet.  Each piece is totally unique, taking millions of years to create beneath the Earth's surface.   As a result, kitchen granite worktops are real pieces of art.  






Sensa by Consentino consists of maintenance-free, natural stone surfaces.  A protective treatment is applied to each granite slab by Consentino increasing its resistance to scratches and stains.  Sensa by Consentino worksurfaces have the added reassurance of a 15 year warranty.










Wooden kitchen worktops are an elegant way of adding warmth and character to a kitchen - nothing can beat the look and feel of real timber kitchen worktops.  No two peices of wood are the same, making your kitchen unique.  With a variety of wood types available, you can choose from light, warm tones to rich, deep shades to match the colour scheme of yor kitchen, be it modern or traditional. 

When it comes to maintenance,it is true that wooden kitchen worktops need looking after more than a lot of other worktop materials but with regular cleaning and oiling, your worktop should stay in excellent condition.  As time passes, should it show signs of staining and scratching, unlike other materials, the surface can be sanded and refinished to help restore its original beauty.









Laminate worktops are a good cost effective choice for your kitchen worksurface.  Laminate worksurfaces are easy to install, hygenic and extremely hardwearing.  There is also an extensive choice of laminate worksurfaces and finishes giving you the freedom of choice. 









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